The Evolution of Agriculture

Vegamatrix combines the best of science with the best of nature. Vegamatrix is over 95% natural and organic. Working with our team of organic chemists and horticulture experts we have created the very first line of easy to use Veganic nutrients using plant based nutrition without a majority of chemicals found in other veganic nutrients.

  • I can honestly say that I have found the perfect line of nutrients in Vegamatrix. Vegamatrix has four components: Grow, Bloom, Boost, and Zyme. Quite simply, Vegamatrix is easy to use! It is Veganic, so it’s clean for both the plants and the environment. With Vegamatrix, my plants look healthy, rich, and vibrant. Most importantly, the nutrients allow the flowers to flourish and thrive to their full potential.

    -1st Place 2014 Winner HT Cannabis Cup in Seattle with \"Veganic Star Killer OG\"

    — Brave H Green River City Holistic Health



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